Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I've Moved!

I'm proud to announce that, thanks to my dad, Around The Corn Sports Blog has a completely new, updated, and much better (in my opinion) website. From now on, I will be writing on www.aroundthecorn.com. I think you guys will agree that the new site is much better, and much more interactive, than this one ever was.

So, with this being said, this is the last post that I will ever make on this blogspot page. I want to thank Google for the use of their tools and the opportunity I was given by using their blog site.

In the meantime, I wrote an article for the fan-driven website Bleacher Report. It would be much appreciated if you would check out my article as well as the new Around The Corn website.

Thank you to everyone who has ever visited this site while I was posting here. You all are the reason that I continue to do this, and the reason why I felt like it was necessary to enhance your viewing pleasure by moving to the new site.

Best regards,

K. Becks